Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dual RX-78-2 Unboxing. 0079 gallery. some other stuff

Alright! sorry for my absence. I've been slightly busy lately. but I haven't stopped building at all! With my zudah build completed, I was kind of left with not too much to do. So I decided to go ahead and build my RX-78-2 O.Y.W. 0079 ver. as an oob build. (I mean, who paints over recolors anyway when they still have the original version)

I've also made a little progress on my Age-1 normal. I haven't snapped any pictures of the skirts with OOB decals, but here's one of it painted up

Anyway. the last thing I wanted to touch on in this post is that I'm going to try to isolate my posts to focus on one kit per post rather than showing a little of everything. which shouldn't be too hard. because i'm either OOB snapping, or I'm painting. :P

A question I see a bit is "what's the difference between the two O.Y.W. gundams?"
WELL. I'm here to answer that question for you with a quick unbox of each one, side-by-side.
Please excuse my terrible messy desk. one day i'll clean it up... maybe..

Friday, February 22, 2013

Age-1 Normal WIP: 2 Right leg (mostly) complete!

After working on and off this week, and finally getting my paints in... I have completed the painting process on the right leg. and all of the OOB Decals have been applied to the part, I'm waiting on a few sheets of decals from samuel decal, which he should be mailing monday to arrive and I'll be able to slap on a few extras.

More photos after the jump!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

F91 Wip 2/complete Zudah unbox.

I set out to finish snapping my f91 together tonight, and accomplished said task. I did a little more detailing on the inner frame and panel lined most everything (still need to do shoulders and weapons) as well as snapping the base together and some lame poses until I decide to take some proper photos. so here's what I've done followed by a little more :D

Not the neatest. my toothpick wouldn't pick up enough paint, or go in the vents well enough for a decent coverage. but this is all covered anyway. i need to invest in some super fine brushes :P

Hit the jump for more pictures of the F91, and my Zudah unboxing!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

MG Age-1 Normal WIP 1

So yesterday was valentines day, and I'm so single it hurts sometimes. I expected to be working last night, but through some weird scheduling stuff at work, I wound up with the night off. Which under different circumstances would probably be the worst thing. But I wanted to get some building done. so to prep everything for paint, I put the F91 aside for a night, and set out to build this kit. and oddly enough I did...

Hit the jump for more!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

GM Custom Completed!

So when I got home this morning, I couldn't get any sleep, So I did what any normal gunpla builder would do, I finished up my GM. I painted the weapons and shield, and I slapped a couple decals on the kit while waiting for the paints to dry. I caught a small nap, and everything has dried and been assembled. I snapped a couple photos, and this is what I came up with. Unfortunately, due to it being an older kit, leg mobility wasn't as great as I'd hoped for. but it was still a fun build. and is still a great kit!

anyway, on to photos.

so, now that that's all done. I got a package in the mail today, some stuff I ordered from ModelGrade last week. a little something for me and some stuff for my pen pal.

So, I'm gonna be doing another blue frame here in the near future, as a bro-op build with Dan, who is doing the Red frame I think. You guys should keep your eyes peeled for that. Also I wanted some action base 1's. so I ordered those.

My penpal however made out like a bandit on this one. I sent her my Unicorn mode Unicorn gundam with head display and she loved it. and expressed interest in building more. and then showed me some designs she liked. one of them being the justice. So I got her the justice and a stand for it, and something else that's not pictured (I think she checks this, so I wanted to keep it a surprise) so hopefully she enjoys that.

Onward, my next project will be....

the master grade Age-1 Normal. I was gonna hold off on this, but Wildo (Check his blog out here!) mentioned (and got me excited enough to enter) the Plamocon Grand prix. (entry pending) So If I am permitted entry into the competition, this will be what I'm using. so I hope you'll stay tuned and enjoy. :)

RGM Custom WIP 4 Some ranting

I wound up with three days off this week instead of my normal two. So I've been cranking work on this GM, trying to get it finished. I put the final touches on the paints on the arms, and they should be dried and ready to assemble in the morning. after which I'll be priming the weapons and the shield, and painting sometime in the evening. Hopefully if all goes according to plan, I'll be able to decal and topcoat, and then post some pictures by friday for you guys to see :) until then, here's a little to tide you over if you've been waiting to see the completed project.

I want to do a little hand brushing (this is actually kind of punny, because most of the stuff i wanna do is on the hands) and once everything is decal-ed and topcoated. I'll be able to take some nice sexy pictures of the kit.

that being said. time for me to rant a little.

about two months ago, I ordered about 70 dollars worth of paint from Plamo UK. (which really isn't that much paint, but that's besides the point) I never got any sort of shipping confirmation emails or anything, and this was after about two or so weeks of waiting for my paints to ship. of course I had already been billed, and the money had been pulled out of my account. So I emailed the owner of PlamoUK, and asked him if there was a problem with my order and if he could tell me what was going on, I guess just to put myself at ease a little. Several days go by, and nothing. So I email him once more, asking for an update on my order wondering why it's taking so long. A few days later, he responds telling me he was out of small bottles for paint, and said he would be recieving them in a day or two, afterward my paint would be put in the bottle and sent to me. I was okay with that. and thanked him for his time.

Another week or so passes, and I still havent received my paints. At this point it's been over a month and some odd days before I had even made the inital order for my paint. I know I didn't order that much, But to me that's a pretty nice chunk of money to be throwing at a product, espescially one that I've recommended to people. Anyway, I let it sit for a little longer and Finally my paints arrive at about the month and a half mark. To my dismay, the entire package smells like laquer paint, so I can tell immediately one of the bottles must have burst. and one of the corners has some paint on it. (this is all besides the fact that the box is absolutely wrecked)

This is exactly what the box looked like when I got it in the mail. So I go ahead and I open the box, Hoping nothing major has happened with my order. Immediately my heart is broken as I open the box.

I was incredibly displeased when I opened the package to see that four out of the five paints I had ordered and been waiting over a month to recieve had been burst. Ironically enough the only one that HADN'T burst was the one color that I already had. I immediately wrapped everything back up, stuffed it back in the box, and took it outside after taking these photos. I sent all of these pictures in an email to Kyle explaining what had happened, and I asked if there was anything he could do for me, partial refund, any sort of way I could get replacements, etc. And I still haven't heard any kind of response. I waited about a week, and sent another Email to him, and Still nothing. So at this point I'm really not holding my breath any longer about hearing from him, I just wanted to vent a little about this horrible shopping experience I had with plamo UK. The worst part is I've heard from several other people (that i've talked to personally and just read about) who've had similar problems ordering from him. I know I'm just a speck compared to who all he sells to, and it probably won't affect him too much, But I don't think I'm going to be ordering any products from there anymore. It's a product I enjoy. but if I have to jump through hoops after handing over my own money for a product, only to get it sent to me like this, and then I'm ultimately ignored when I inquire as to whether or not anything can be done for me. It's just not worth it. I'll continue using Tamiya paints and ordering from other shops, where I know I'll recieve my products.

Sorry for how wordy this was. I just wanted to get my point across. Hopefully if you guys decide to shop over at PlamoUK, you'll have a better experience than i did.

see you next time.

Monday, February 11, 2013

RGM Custom WIP #3

Alright, because I was off yesterday I got some painting done before I left my house. I waited until I woke up, and got all the pieces off their respective clips, reassembled them, and this is what I wound up with. I'm really happy with how the colors are coming out on this. so far the only major speedbump I've encountered (besides my procrastination) is some of the gunmetal I sprayed on the inner frame started spraying in almost a matte finish. it doesn't look too much different in person, so I'll see how it looks once everything is topcoated and decide if i'm going to worry about fixing it. probably not since the only exposed bit is the foot, and the ankle guard, and a couple bits of the knee. BUT WE SHALL SEE (look I rhymed)

anyway! photos!

I got to try some masking on the front shin/knee armor piece. that's not two seperate pieces. but I think the effect is nice. :)

another thing i'm doing as a first here is removing seam lines. (I've attempted it before, but not on a painted kit) this was really the only part on the kit that needed any love in the seam department, besides a spot on the head, but that covered pretty well after i painted everything. this part however sits a little uneven, so sanding was necessary. you can see the line on the left piece. the one on the right has already been sanded down.

I have no idea why i took this picture. I guess just to show off what the arm looked like? all the greys will be painted in gunmetal (as well as the hand itself), and there's a part inside the forearm that will be painted gunmetal as well, the upper cuff, and that little joint inside will be painted a light grey, and the forearm and shoulder will be black. all accent pieces will be blue, then I can paint up weapons and the shield and call this kit done :)  I'm incredibly happy with how this is coming along. and with the next two days off, I'm hoping to get the main body of this thing finished.

Next up. got a couple packages in the mail today. one of which contained an HG kit I've been looking forward to building since I first saw and decided to order it. I'm pretty sure this is the one I'll be entering in Dan's contest. not 100% yet. but I'm pretty sure.

tell me this guy isn't a badass. If I do end up using this for the contest I think I may do some light camo. either way if he becomes a contest kit, he will be recieving paint. :) stay tuned!

I saw both sets of the sinanju decals online, and decided to pick them up, since i have both kits. now I just need to get started on them ;P maybe I'll build one of them soon. It is time to step my gunpla game up.

anywho, I think this is it for this post. More to come in the near future. Sorry for all the updates and the frequency of my posts! Just been crazy motivated and have actually had time to work on stuff. See you guys next time!

Master Grade F91 unboxing WIP 1

 So I had the night off, once again, and decided to get started on the F91. Immediately i noticed the colors the kit was molded in. The whites and the yellows are pretty standard. but the blue on the kit is a very nice glossy navy blue, and the reds look a little different to the eye. the inner frame isn't molded in the standard grey, it's in a dark grey-blue which is very interesting. the molds look very nice and the pieces all look quite different from what I've normally built or seen. on to the pictures!

Plates A and B

C (2x) and D 

E and F (2x)

G and H

I and J

 Beam sabers, effect parts, and stickers.

Leg assembly

 painted some detail!

another shot of the detail.

all in all, so far it's been a fun build. I really like the bits of detail on the legs. I'm really not too sure why I brought it out. as I don't think i'll be removing the armor plating at all after this has been completed. BUT WHO KNOWS. maybe when i shoot some photos.

Will be making another post tomorrow showing off the progress I've made on my GM Custom!