Wednesday, October 2, 2013

RG GP01 Zephyranthes WIP: 1

So I bought myself the RG Zephyranthes because the model looked fantastic. and after snap fitting everything to see how it worked, I was pleasantly surprised.
anyway, I immediately disassembled it and began to lay down some paints. the biggest reason I'm painting this is because a couple of good friends of mine, Harry and Big Z were having a build-off and invited me to join along. being two people who have taught me a lot since I've began this hobby, I really look up to them, and I was Honored to participate.

Anyway, enough rambly mumbo jumbo. I decided if i was going to compete with them on any level, I would have to seriously step my game up in terms of color and paint accuracy. so I opted to learn how to properly shade and make more natural looking shade as well as blending it better, and detailing and lining better than I have on any kit previous to this. 

Photo time!