Saturday, February 15, 2014

My first Kitbash. concept ideas, and beginning some mods.

So I'm entering a contest in the Facebook group: It's a gundaaaaaam!! for creating your own custom build fighters unit. the contest spans over a couple of months. and it seemed like an interesting opportunity to try some new things. so here I decided I'd go ahead and plan out a kit bash. initially my concept was to make a smaller more agile unit, and apply a number of blades, but i felt that would be disadvantageous in actual combat, being limited to just close range. so this will be a mid to long range, space capable mobile suit, with beam sabers for last minute close range combat of course. but the idea is to keep combat at a distance. next I had tried to decide the look i wanted to go for. I have always been a fan of exaggerated proportions, and really lean lanky limbs.

hit the bump for some breakdown and a few plans i plan to execute here.