Friday, November 30, 2012

It's been a pretty rough week...BUT I SHALL PROGRESS!

with the holidays last week, and renovations at work this week, more business is in order. but they're also apparently cutting hours all over the place. so now an already underhanded store, that's always busy is going to be further understaffed. i can't wait until all of this blows over, BUT OH WELL it gives me more time to work on my gundams.

I guess it was early last week I began working on my MG Wing gundam, I've laid down my dark greys and my reds, the past couple days have been spent working on my lighter grey pieces (which admittedly came out a little (a lot) lighter than i thought they would. but that's okay. I actually like the look, and I'm pretty excited to see how it all comes together.

and inbetween paint sessions and work and all of that other chaos, I've been test fitting and prepping my guntank, which i've decided is going to be my next build. most of the parts have been modified, i've been deepening panel lines, and widening where parts connect, so after paint it will fit better. i might hit it with a light sanding after everything is said and done, but i'm not sure yet.

anyway, PHOTOS!

so here's the reds again.

light grey pre-priming

the grey on the lighter grey parts is after primer. it's a really really light grey. i should've darkened my dark greys more, and used the same shade on the lighter parts as my darks, but oh well. i like it.

this is going to be a joy to paint <_< i fully intend to paint every bullet...

 i cut my thumb when snapping some pieces together. he was not pleased.

 wellp. that's what i've got for now, as you can see there's a couple little nub marks that need to be sanded down a little around the gun barrels and the arms, but i'm really happy with how this is coming together. it's going to be awesome to paint.

Stay tuned!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Perfect Grade finished! new haul, and workstation!

It's been a busy week, with work and thanksgiving and black friday. haven't had nearly as much time to myself as I'd like. but now that I've pushed through this busy week, I sat down this morning and got some work done on my rx-78-2 (well, i got almost all of the rest of the work done on it) the main body and all of it's weapons are done, I've applied all the decals I intend to apply, and all the detailing I intend to do is done. I didn't snap too many shots of it, because I'm just glad to have it finished.

I'll try to do a proper shoot later. but this'll have to do for right now.

So outside of just building and working. I beat my wallet up again and purchased a few kits. I got the Ez8 I've been wanting to re-buy along with it's little brother the Ground gundam; which I intend to buy at least one more of. And I picked up the Age-1 3 pack from gundam planet, I felt it was a deal too good to pass up. I'm going to be giving the titus to my best friend, as I said in the video above. the rest are for me, and boy I can't wait to snap some of these together. namely the ez8 and the spallow.

In other exciting news. I set up a small table for my airbrushing, because having to set up and tear down every time i wanted to paint got really old. so there's that.

and my next project. the Wing Gundam EW. I couldn't wait to use my Plamo paints. And boy am I happy with my purchase. The bright red is really really nice and vibrant. the picture really doesn't do it justice.

Well, that's all i've got for now. I'll be posting again real soon. enjoy!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kshatriya is complete!

Well. after what feels like forever of work, and a lot of sweat, and some tears (okay i never cried over this thing...) and a lot of procrastination. IT'S DONE. I also got that portable photo studio someone posted on here not too long ago, and it's working out pretty good so far. PHOTOS!

a couple shots of unicorn just because i brought him out for this whole thing. anyway. Kshatriya is done, with the exception of the gold bits on his binders. i need to hit them with a panel wash and i can move on. My next work will be the MG Wing gundam EW ver. which is currently all cut out and in plastic bags. EXPECT UPDATES SOON!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Kshatriya is standing!

I guess I could wait until my normal sunday to post this, but I was too excited to wait. so I present...

I went ahead and cut out all of the remaining pieces to the binders, and the arms (basically everything else except the funnels) and  removed the nubs. now to clip everything and get it ready for primer. so I probably won't post anything else about this until it's complete, but we'll see. I guess sunday's post will be about my PG, since i need to finish that still too

Monday, November 12, 2012

Perfect grade RX-78-2 update! nearing completion!

Sunday (well I guess monday now...) again. I had the night off once more, so I sat down and decided to crank out some more work on my PG. My self-set goal for the night was to finish the inner-frame and get the head assembled and put a battery in it. I am happy to report, I met my goal, and even went a step further, the inner frame is complete, and i got a battery in, and I put a bunch of armor on, got another leg to armor up, and I've got to put the skirts on and the main body will be done. weapons shouldn't be too difficult to put together, and this will be done :) I'm not sure what my next straight build is gonna be, but I'm also making progress on Kshatriya (no pictures though because I'm just working on the other leg at the moment.)

I sprayed primer via airbrush for the first time yesterday after work, and I must say it was quite a challenge. Pictures will be posted as soon as i finish the waist armor and have him standing, until then, here's some shots of the RX-78-2.

Video update for everything coming soon, I've only got one more day of work this week :D

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Remember that NG Red Frame I posted about?

Well, This week has been a long week. I had yesterday and tonight off, so I wanted to get some progress on something done, and I saw the box to the NG Red frame I was going to build with my girlfriend (but she broke up with me last week); So I picked it up and started snapping pieces together, and before I knew it I was done, so I sat down and started doing some detailing, and panel lining and this is what I've come up with. Next time you see me putting a Red Frame together, It'll be the PG ;P

panel lines were done with black and grey gundam panel line markers, red paint was a red gundam marker applied directly from the marker, white on the hands was the same, but white instead of red. gold was testors metallic gold, applied via toothpick or brush. 

This shot was the hardest to achieve, it seemed like the kit was working against me the entire time, either the side-skirt popped off, or wouldn't line up with the left hand, or the right arm wouldn't bend enough to fit around the handle to the blade; or would fall apart when trying to do so. all in all though, this was a fun little diversion, and i'm glad i finally have this kit done. I'm gonna be giving it to my best friend aaron, so he can display it on his shelf in his gaming room. I also think i'm going to buy him a couple kits for christmas and try to get him into the hobby ;D

Monday, November 5, 2012

A wild Blog post appears!

Well now that the hurricane has passed and all has restored to normal here, I had a little time to work on both of my current ongoing projects. Not a whole lot to say here. I finished the left arm to my Perfect grade, and touched up the detailing on the right arm, and this morning I got a chance to airbrush my Kshatriya's right leg, which looks much better than I thought it might!

The only other thing I've done related to my blog this week is I've come up with a doodle which I'll be messing with in Photoshop to make my blogs banner. :D

That's all I've got this week, thanks for checking it out until next time!