Tuesday, October 4, 2016

MG Tallgeese III completed Gallery

Hey guys, Justin here again with another completed kit. this time it's another commission work, the P-bandai 1/100 scale MG Tallgeese III. I was a huge fan of the original tallgeese kit when it first came out, so getting my hands on this was super great, although i think the tallgeese II is my favorite variant, regardless the extra parts were nice. My client wanted stock colors and decals (and since this was p-bandai the water slides were included which was very nice) with little modification, shading and lining. So what I did was started with the frame, which i used a different color than normal to compliment the outer armor rather than contrast like i normally do.

my next plan was the armor needed to be broken up a little since the top half had the largest concentration of blue, i moved some blues to the legs and waist area as well as the inner pieces of the shoulders. just to help push the color scheme along. finally to break up the monotony of the white i added a couple of grey bits here and there just to keep interest going along the entire piece. in the end this is what i wound up with. unfortunately there aren't a mass of details on this kit, it's fairly clean with little in the way of panel lines and the like. but it's still a really fun kit.

if you managed to read this far please be sure to click the bump down below and look at the rest of the gallery!