Sunday, January 28, 2018

Billion Spark 1/35 Unicorn Bust model Completed Gallery

This kit was funded by my Twitch stream, the entire process was done over on my twitch, special thanks to USA Gundam store, and my followers over there for making this build happen!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

HGIBO Grimgerde Completed Gallery

The Grimgerde was a kit I instantly fell in love with the moment I first laid eyes on it, and much to my surprise I was given one for christmas. Unsure what to do with it, as I really like the original colors and design I wanted mine to stand out. So I snapped the kit and mulled the build over in my head a few times, before deciding to paint the kit in the style just like one of my close friends uses for all of his builds. The entire kit was broken down, any mods were done, and seams were filled, and then I separated everything by the color it was going to be.

This entire kit was painted by hand, with Vallejo acrylics. Every surface on this kit received no less than 3 coats of paint. I primed using a matte black primer, applied via a brush, and then I built my colors towards the end goal gradually mixing different shades of paint to help ease the transition. The texture on the kit comes from Dry brushing every color onto the surface from multiple different angles to help hide the brush strokes and provide some level of uniformity to the completed model.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

1/35 Maschinen Krieger Archelon Completed Gallery

Hello there again folks, long time no post. this time we have a new build as a group build for Team Helios with the theme of : Grunts. so I actually did 3 kits for this build, and this one will be the first of them posted. if you haven't built a wave Ma. K kit yet, I highly recommend them if you can get your hands on them. engineering wise they're a bit dated compared to some newer offerings by other manufacturers. but they are fantastic model kits none the less. the entire model snapped together without any issue, minor flash on a couple of parts, and even came with some parts to make another variant of this model. only one part needed glue to stay in place, although i recommend gluing all of the smaller bits on. the rubber joints aren't the greatest and could benefit from resculpting or being cast in a different material, but took paint surprisingly well.

anyway, the entire kit was snapped, inspected, seam sealed, primed and painted using vallejo acrylics by hand. weathering was done post painting and decaling, and topcoat was applied via spray can. the model was then mounted to a block of wood sprayed with adhesive and covered in diorama grass.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

MG Tallgeese III completed Gallery

Hey guys, Justin here again with another completed kit. this time it's another commission work, the P-bandai 1/100 scale MG Tallgeese III. I was a huge fan of the original tallgeese kit when it first came out, so getting my hands on this was super great, although i think the tallgeese II is my favorite variant, regardless the extra parts were nice. My client wanted stock colors and decals (and since this was p-bandai the water slides were included which was very nice) with little modification, shading and lining. So what I did was started with the frame, which i used a different color than normal to compliment the outer armor rather than contrast like i normally do.

my next plan was the armor needed to be broken up a little since the top half had the largest concentration of blue, i moved some blues to the legs and waist area as well as the inner pieces of the shoulders. just to help push the color scheme along. finally to break up the monotony of the white i added a couple of grey bits here and there just to keep interest going along the entire piece. in the end this is what i wound up with. unfortunately there aren't a mass of details on this kit, it's fairly clean with little in the way of panel lines and the like. but it's still a really fun kit.

if you managed to read this far please be sure to click the bump down below and look at the rest of the gallery!

Monday, May 9, 2016

1/144 Graze Kai WIP

So I started working on a second Graze Kai this week. I'd previously prepped and started painting it, but I decided to strip what I'd done and start fresh. During my move from South Carolina, home I managed to lose the top part of the Graze kai head, so instead of ordering a replacement, or scratchbuilding the part, I just scratchbuilt a whole new head...