Monday, May 9, 2016

1/144 Graze Kai WIP

So I started working on a second Graze Kai this week. I'd previously prepped and started painting it, but I decided to strip what I'd done and start fresh. During my move from South Carolina, home I managed to lose the top part of the Graze kai head, so instead of ordering a replacement, or scratchbuilding the part, I just scratchbuilt a whole new head...

Next I tried to work out some minor armor detailing and work out what to do with the leftover parts, and figure out how to mount the weapons. the first thing I did was remove the side parts from the gun, and blu-tacked them to the thigh armor and blu-tacked the weapon to that. so far it looks alright, but It will likely be replaced when i get closer to the final product. possibly magnetizing the guns to the side skirts will be a better option. we'll have to see ;)

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