Sunday, June 23, 2013

Master Grade Aile Strike Remaster WIP: 2

So, i've gotten some more work done on the Strike. the frame is basically complete. here's what it looks like after a panel wash.

hit the bump for a WIP video and some more shots.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Master Grade Aile Strike Remaster WIP: 1 (+unboxing and review)

So this has been a busy and semi-productive week (or has it been two?) for me. I've been pretty swamped with work and the like, but I've been pushing some work out, or trying at least. anyway. the topic at hand. THE AILE STRIKE REMASTER.

let me just say, this kit, is Fantastic. If you're a fan of the aile strike, or you were on the fence about picking this one up. I say go for it. such a solid build.

I sat down after test-fitting and reviewing the kit and started doing a little painting on the frame.

i'm not too far in yet. but you can get an idea of the look i'm trying to achieve with this guy. I'm very pleased with the difference in the metallics so far. Hit the bump for more pictures, as well as my unboxing video, and some thoughts on the kit itself. :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

GWC 1.0 entry: MG Ez8 Completed Gallery and Review

Here stands the behemoth. the past couple of weeks have been poured into making this guy look as good (I use the term 'good' very loosely here) As you can see (and have been seeing if you've been following my progress) I went with a slightly modified OOB color scheme for this guy. I kept the metallics as they would appear, and blues are in place, but instead of going with the tan color the kit was molded in, I went with a pre-shaded gray/white scheme. I think it suits the look of the kit overall better, and I think it looks more urban as opposed to having that 'desert' look to it.

I was stealing some of Dan's patented 360 degree photo 'swag' (I hope he doesn't mind) and my camera curiously enough, I guess recognised what I was doing, and automatically made a .gif out of it... technology...

anyway, Hit the bump for a small review, and some of my thoughts on this guy :) as well as a ton of photos!

Monday, June 3, 2013

GWC 1.0 entry: MG Ez8 WIP: 3

So this week has shown a lot of progress. I've been semi-lazy but somehow I have produced a lot in terms of progress on the Ez8 for Gundam Beginner's contest. since last update I have finished weathering the outer armor, primed, painted and pre-shaded everything, and then hand-brushed all of my weathering on. did some more dry brushing and decaling and right now it's at the final gloss stage.

for those of you who don't like reading or pictures, here's a WIP video for you:

And for the rest of you, continue as normal ;D stuff happens after the jump