Monday, June 3, 2013

GWC 1.0 entry: MG Ez8 WIP: 3

So this week has shown a lot of progress. I've been semi-lazy but somehow I have produced a lot in terms of progress on the Ez8 for Gundam Beginner's contest. since last update I have finished weathering the outer armor, primed, painted and pre-shaded everything, and then hand-brushed all of my weathering on. did some more dry brushing and decaling and right now it's at the final gloss stage.

for those of you who don't like reading or pictures, here's a WIP video for you:

And for the rest of you, continue as normal ;D stuff happens after the jump

obviously some of these are pre-weathering. but  you'll see what happens ;D

the chest plate is my favorite part of the whole build. I think. it came out really well all across the board.

and after all of the parts laying out i put the armor bits on their individual limbs and began weathering....

and that's basically where I'm at right now. I ordered some weathering pigments (recommended as opposed to using the weathering master sets) so once I apply some oils, and those, this guy will be all done :) thanks for checking my stuff out guys. and I'll see you next time hopefully with a completed gallery.

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