Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Graze Kai Fenrir Custom

So again, I'm sorry I've sort of abandoned my blog. I haven't had as much time to model as I'd like, considering I just had my first child I guess it's probably excusable ;P

anyway, this has been a long standing build off with a good friend of mine, who builds over on facebook : Go check out Mecha Lab
he's a member of my team, and a good friend. anyway, I wanted to do some modifications to my graze outside keeping it normal and changing the colors. so the first thing I played around with was the ankle guards. I flipped them upside down, and threw them on, and thought they looked really cool that way. not really a modification, but it's different. next I wanted to experiment with scribing, so I added some detail to the legs and the chest. Finally I felt like adding wolf ears would make the head of the kit stand out, since it's so plain (it looks really good, in my opinion, mind you) thus the Fenrir was born. the weapon is a 1/100 Magic toys ore gun, since I preordered it I actually got double the weapons, so I tinkered with how it looked holding a large oversized cannon. and oddly enough it didn't look too out of scale. so I decided to keep it. the Axe was modified heavily using pla-plate, I didn't care much for the stock axe, and thought It could use some work. so I lobbed the top half off of the back portion of the axe, and cut it at an angle, and I cut a triangle of styrene out and glued it to the top of the axe, and sanded it to shape.

as for the color scheme, I was originally thinking of painting it in an orange color. Not really in relation to my team, but because I thought an orange graze would look awesome. but I laid down a red basecoat and fell in love, so I quickly modified my color scheme, and changed how it would work, and moved forward with the build.

now that you've heard all there is about the build. hit the bump and see some photos! this was a blast to build and paint. can't wait to dig into another one :)