Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Quick Resin tutorial + Start to finish Hazel head quick build

Many people familiar with gunpla start off building the bandai plastic models, but after a while the plastic builds become a bit monotonous, so sometimes builders will seek more challenging builds. be it in the way of modifying their kits, looking at different manufacturers for more challenging model kits, or perhaps dabbling in resin. Resin kits are a special material that you can find some very beautiful and detailed kits in, that may not be available or possible in plastic form. some resin kits even require a plastic frame from an existing kit, for improved posability!

I decided to do a quick runthrough of a typical resin build, start to finish, and touch on as many techniques and methods you'll encounter when working with resin. The build was fairly quick so quality isn't as great as if i'd taken more time, but it was simply for the purpose of teaching some basic resin prep. So, lets get started shall we?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

1/35 Magic Toys Nu Gundam Head Bust

A while ago, I wanted to buy and build the resin model for the nu gundam (i've never done a nu gundam of any sort) and i stumbled upon the bust. I found one for a decent price and wanted to buy it, but someone had beat me to the punch. shortly thereafter. the plastic version of the same kit was announced. so i sat and wait, preordered it and picked it up. after a few months of poking around with it. It's finally finished :)