Monday, May 27, 2013

GWC 1.0 entry: MG Ez8 WIP: 2

So my aim is to get myself back into a schedule and update my blog and my youtube, as well as the various other places i post my content on a semi-regular basis. Hopefully I'll be able to make enough progress throughout the week to keep this up. So we'll see what happens.

ANYWAY. the Ez8. I've finished painting and dry brushing the frame. and i've finished painting all (read: about 90-ish%) of all of the metallics on the kit. so a majority of what's left is the armor parts, as well as the backpack.

Just a little sample. I'll try to take more pictures of the frame before i slap all of the armor on the final product. :)

some samples of the dry brushing I did on a couple of pieces.

Just kind of laying armor on as I weather to get a feel for how it'll look before I paint. 

the best shot in my opinion is this one, it shows off two of the more prominent parts of the ez8, and some of the scarring i've done to it. hopefully i can continue to replicate this effect and not overdo it. then follow it up with a neat (funny how that works) paint job :)

thanks for viewing. stay tuned for more WIP's on this build soon. as well as a review of the kit once it's all been painted. :)

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