Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MG ez8 WIP 1

SO. My youtube subscribers, decided my next build would be the Ez8, so I snapped the kit together and test fitted everything. i began to remove seam lines, and prep things for paint

here's the WIP video for the progress i've made so far.

I've modded the head a little, and drilled out the vulcans, 

drilled the ends out of the barrel of the gun.

i also removed seam lines, and scribed a new panel line across the top. 


for this project, I decided it'd be smarter to focus on the weapons first so I can bang out the suit afterward. the guns are completed with the exception of the beam rifle's main body, and any cameras that need to be painted. Then I believe it will be time for some dry-brushing.

and a final reminder for those who entered my contest.

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