Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bro-Build Blue frame: Second Revise Completed Gallery

So I have finished my portion of my build-off with the amazing Dan. ( You can look at his completed red frame here ) this was an insanely awesome and hair pulling and skill testing build.

My goal here was to take everything i've learned up to this point and try to apply it as well as trying some new techniques, and using some new things here and there with this build. The most notable thing for me here was learning how to pre-shade, and the use of the metallic paints, which stand out the most in the build to me. another thing i wanted to do was create some sort of contrast between those two things, so i decided to leave the frame glossy, while using flats on the armor parts, which came out better than expected.

enough babbling. time for pictures!



Armor Schneiders:

Flight Pack:

Gatling Gun:

Final pose/Box shot:

This was a great experience for me, Building alongside one of my favorite builders really challenged me to push my skills, and I think I did a great job considering. this kit was quite an undertaking, and I can't wait to see how i can apply some of these skills to my next build. thank you guys for following along, and checking out my post, I'll be sure to keep you updated on my next build :)

until next time!