Monday, May 6, 2013

MG Blue-Frame Second Revise Bro-Build with GGD WIP: 3

it has been a long and busy week with work, as summer is approaching and everyone is trying to get everything sorted out for that. so i've been spending a little more time sleeping than painting. but fortunately I've got the next two days off, so I hope to wrap this guy up in that time. I'll show you some pictures and then we'll get into what's left.

Also: a big shout out to my friend Cody, for the awesome banner for my blog. Love it.

so I did a test spray and fitted the painted and decaled armor, and a comparing shot with my original blue frame build. my shading is a little heavier than i had originally hoped for, but I do like how it looks. with the blue showing through more it looks nice against the frame, but still contrasts the gloss/flats well. so i'm more than pleased with this.

anyway. I've got a sort of long winded WIP video for the blue frame detailing my progress you'll see in this post. so if you watch that i'd appreciate it. but it's just a stretched version of what's going on here, i guess. as well as a pilot painting tutorial (spoiler alert?)

so as it stands right now, all of the 'gunmetal' pieces are finished. i've got one more session for my blues and those will be finished, and all 'odd' colored parts are also finished, leaving whites to be painted. which I'll probably knock out in one single session, then begin the decaling process. so I think i can have this project wrapped up in two, maybe even three days. depending on how diligently i work on it. and considering how well I think things are coming along, i'm going to pick my pace up a little and knock the rest of this out. then we can see some pretty pictures of this guy. so until then i've got a few more pictures and a contest reminder for you. thanks everybody for checking my post out :) see you guys real soon.

I'm very happy with this pilot figure. he came out better than i expected.

and that contest reminder, as well as prize announcements, registration deadline is the 10th, so if you're interested please sign up!

thanks for viewing guys!

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