Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Remember that NG Red Frame I posted about?

Well, This week has been a long week. I had yesterday and tonight off, so I wanted to get some progress on something done, and I saw the box to the NG Red frame I was going to build with my girlfriend (but she broke up with me last week); So I picked it up and started snapping pieces together, and before I knew it I was done, so I sat down and started doing some detailing, and panel lining and this is what I've come up with. Next time you see me putting a Red Frame together, It'll be the PG ;P

panel lines were done with black and grey gundam panel line markers, red paint was a red gundam marker applied directly from the marker, white on the hands was the same, but white instead of red. gold was testors metallic gold, applied via toothpick or brush. 

This shot was the hardest to achieve, it seemed like the kit was working against me the entire time, either the side-skirt popped off, or wouldn't line up with the left hand, or the right arm wouldn't bend enough to fit around the handle to the blade; or would fall apart when trying to do so. all in all though, this was a fun little diversion, and i'm glad i finally have this kit done. I'm gonna be giving it to my best friend aaron, so he can display it on his shelf in his gaming room. I also think i'm going to buy him a couple kits for christmas and try to get him into the hobby ;D

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