Friday, November 30, 2012

It's been a pretty rough week...BUT I SHALL PROGRESS!

with the holidays last week, and renovations at work this week, more business is in order. but they're also apparently cutting hours all over the place. so now an already underhanded store, that's always busy is going to be further understaffed. i can't wait until all of this blows over, BUT OH WELL it gives me more time to work on my gundams.

I guess it was early last week I began working on my MG Wing gundam, I've laid down my dark greys and my reds, the past couple days have been spent working on my lighter grey pieces (which admittedly came out a little (a lot) lighter than i thought they would. but that's okay. I actually like the look, and I'm pretty excited to see how it all comes together.

and inbetween paint sessions and work and all of that other chaos, I've been test fitting and prepping my guntank, which i've decided is going to be my next build. most of the parts have been modified, i've been deepening panel lines, and widening where parts connect, so after paint it will fit better. i might hit it with a light sanding after everything is said and done, but i'm not sure yet.

anyway, PHOTOS!

so here's the reds again.

light grey pre-priming

the grey on the lighter grey parts is after primer. it's a really really light grey. i should've darkened my dark greys more, and used the same shade on the lighter parts as my darks, but oh well. i like it.

this is going to be a joy to paint <_< i fully intend to paint every bullet...

 i cut my thumb when snapping some pieces together. he was not pleased.

 wellp. that's what i've got for now, as you can see there's a couple little nub marks that need to be sanded down a little around the gun barrels and the arms, but i'm really happy with how this is coming together. it's going to be awesome to paint.

Stay tuned!

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