Sunday, December 9, 2012

(small) update on the wing gundam, mini-side project!

Alright, my job has kicked back in full force, for now at least, so I didn't have nearly as much time as I would have liked this past week to work on really anything, although I did get inspired enough to buy an SD kit (thanks to Wildo, check out his blog here! ) and kind of use that as a little quick build. since the entire kit came on 3 runners and a thing of poly caps, I snapped the kit together in like 5-10 minutes, then took everything apart and started to remove some seam lines (and wrecked another finger in the process of that, no funny beard fingers this time, sorry ;P)

anyway, back to the wing gundam. after all the paint on the greys dried, I started to assemble the pieces of the frame i could, that didn't need any colored pieces to fit together. I think for the first time since i've started painting I'm not going to detail the inner frame, as I really like the design of the suit, and have no plans removing the armor once it's on, despite the frame looking really good as well.

anyway pictures!

The frame has some beautiful leg sculpts, some of my favorites out of all my builds so far. and it stands on it's own with little trouble despite pegs being on the underside of the feet.

but once you put the shoes on, it stands a little better. there's going to be no shortage of posability here i'm sure. I'm still in love with the Plamo UK bright red. such a smooth and pretty red.

Same goes with the Azure blue. I almost went with the royal blue instead, but in the end, I'm glad I wound up going with this one.

and here's a youtube video for those who would rather hear me talk about this instead of reading blocks of text :P

of course, the standard gundam. 

not a lot in the ways of runners, and parts, but it is an SD kit. 

after test-fitting everything

another kit i got in the mail (it's a christmas present so i can't build it until then ;-;) but i cannot wait!

Well, that's all I've got for now. Hopefully I won't sleep through my days off and I'll be able to paint up the yellow pieces to my wing gundam, as well as at least prime the SD kit, still have a little work to do on the Guntank before the test fit is complete for that. but those are all underway :D

see you all next time!

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