Wednesday, December 19, 2012

an update with some actual content!

Sorry my posts have been a little lacking lately. But I think the worst is over. Finally starting to get motivated again, and I'm finally starting to be a little happy for myself I think. SO this week has been crazy busy with work as usual, but as I just said, I have been pushing myself to get some work done. I've basically finished my guntank build (I still have one tread to put together, but that's kid stuff), I've primed and painted all the yellows to my Wing Gundam EW, and most of my SD RX-78-2 pieces have been primed (I just primed them with what was in the airbrush after I hit the yellows from the Wing Gundam and got pretty close to priming them all)

And with the guntank finished and everything else on sticks I've been left a little bored, so I started a new straight build (I really need to finish some of these kits before jumping into another, I'm gonna kill myself with all of this, haha) which you will see what it is in the following pictures! Another thing I did was put a little weathering on the Guntank, and by a little, I think I went overboard a little. but you live and learn. In retrospect, I think I should have maybe done a normal kit up with battle damage before moving on to something not so normal. But it's been a learning experience none-the-less. well I think that's enough words, now some pictures for you guys!

Oh! one more thing, I sent my Gunpla gift exchange package out the other day :) so I hope the reciever is satisfied with what I sent them!

weathering this guy was a lot of fun, and a pretty good stress reliever. still not sure how i'm going to paint the treads on it yet though. gonna be a challenge... ugh

snapped the torso together to see how it came out. I'm very pleased with my choice in colors. I hope the white comes out as well as the rest did, also painting silver under the chest jewel was the best idea I ever had.

another thing I did was order a bunch of metallic paint, I don't feel as though I can have enough...and I think it'll be invaluable for my guntank project, as well as my RX-79 [G], I'm pretty excited to test these bad boys out.

aaaaaaand my straight build (with some minor detail painting) is my Shin Musha with Display stand and weapons and chrome and all that jazz.

LOVE the colors on this kit, although, I wish they had used some undergates for the gold pieces to protect the chrome paint, because there are nub marks all over the place on some pieces. others hide them pretty well.

aaaand because I'm dumb, I forgot to take pictures of the completed arm and head, so You'll have to wait until my next blog post for those, or check out my Instagram (JustiniusBuilds)

anyway, that's all I've got for now. not going to start anymore kits until I finish what I've started. the Wing Gundam should hopefully be finished this week, but who knows with christmas coming up and all of that. but that's what I'm shooting for. and the Shin Musha wasn't as difficult as I was expecting, so I should be able to knock that out pretty quickly too. and I should be recieving my RG Zeta soon so.......

I hope you guys enjoyed! I'll see you guys next time!

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