Thursday, January 3, 2013

MG Shin Musha Complete! Photos and a 2012 wrap-up Video!

Well, this post was supposed to be made sometime last week, but man, I had a crazy week with christmas, and work, and I had an accident and wound up totaling my car. But I've finally gotten past that and I've managed to actually finish something I've been working on. I also shot (oddly enough the night of my accident) a 2012 wrap up video. so enough blabbering on here, if you want any of that you can just watch the video :P

You'll have to excuse my face! D:

aaaaand that's all i've got for the shin musha. I'm still fighting with the white paint so I can put the wing gundam under wraps, Dan gave me some great tips so I'm gonna try those out, and If that still doesn't work, I guess I'll just use my tamiya paints.

and here's the remnants of my car ;-;

anyway, for the most part 2012 was a strong year for me, I'm glad I have been able to get involved with the gunpla community, and meet all of you, and I'm really glad I can have a tangible hobby that I enjoy, and can share with others. I'm really excited to see what this new year brings, and I hope to see more posts from everyone else on /r/Gunpla, as well as some new faces. But that's all I've got this time. stay tuned for that wing gundam, I'm gonna try to knock it out this week if it kills me.

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