Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dual RX-78-2 Unboxing. 0079 gallery. some other stuff

Alright! sorry for my absence. I've been slightly busy lately. but I haven't stopped building at all! With my zudah build completed, I was kind of left with not too much to do. So I decided to go ahead and build my RX-78-2 O.Y.W. 0079 ver. as an oob build. (I mean, who paints over recolors anyway when they still have the original version)

I've also made a little progress on my Age-1 normal. I haven't snapped any pictures of the skirts with OOB decals, but here's one of it painted up

Anyway. the last thing I wanted to touch on in this post is that I'm going to try to isolate my posts to focus on one kit per post rather than showing a little of everything. which shouldn't be too hard. because i'm either OOB snapping, or I'm painting. :P

A question I see a bit is "what's the difference between the two O.Y.W. gundams?"
WELL. I'm here to answer that question for you with a quick unbox of each one, side-by-side.
Please excuse my terrible messy desk. one day i'll clean it up... maybe..

First up, the animation version

your a runner is the biggest difference here, you've got your orangey red, your golden yellow and a slightly lighter blue than what you usually see with some of your lead gundams.

Generic warning stickers, and some interesting looking dry transfers identifying the gundam included.

whites are molded in a bright white with a hint of tan, beam sabers are molded in a light pink.

weapons and backpack are molded in a blue-grey

frame bits are molded in a darker grey and polycaps are as they normally are.

more standard white

legs injected similarly to the RG frames, and some PG parts. with the pre-assembled frame.

and more frame grey. as well as some screws.

the front of the manual.

and the back.

as you can see. the animation version is more or less your 'standard' version of the gundam we all know oh so well.

 Next up, the Video game Version. the first thing you'll undoubtably notice here is that the box art is significantly different. This is the one I originally wanted, and If I was able to get ahold of this one first, I likely wouldn't have bought the other version.

Immediately out of the box your pieces are molded in much different colors. and are even in a slightly different layout than before. You've got a much more orange-yellow, and a faded red and blue, which i'm a huge fan of all of these. It just pops a little more than the standard colors I think, or maybe it's just that it's a 'fresh' take on the standard colors. who knows.

your parts for weapons are molded in a darker grey than the animation version.

Similarly the game version features warning labels just like the animation counterpart, but the dry transfers are not even remotely similar.

frame bits molded in what looks like a slightly darker grey than the animation version, and the beam sabers are molded in a more red-pink and I think look a little more menacing.

whites are significantly more tan colored than the other version.

I believe these parts are the same, but these may be a little darker.

more dark grey, and the same screws and chain pieces for the gundam hammer included.

alternate cover art for the front of the instruction manual.

 and even an alternate back.

So there you have it; the big differences between the two RX-78-2 O.Y.W. ver. kits. Once I did this unboxing I couldn't NOT snap one together. so I took my game ver. and went to town. It took me about 2-3 days to complete with all of the panel lines and trying to balance work and all of that.

regrettably there's not a lot of WIP shots. But I'll post what I've got before the completed gallery :P

he had a bit of a lean, but he looks awesome nonetheless. 

you get a really good range of movement on the arms and legs for this kit. 

the shoulder joints are really good here too, and even the shoulder armor is articulated.

 Hopefully this will rotate how it's supposed to when I post this..

It's not hard to get a good pose out of this guy. I'm really happy with my purchase here, and I recommend this kit to anybody who wants to put a classic gundam on their shelf. so far this is the best MG version of this guy I've personally built. maybe I'll get myself a 2.0 somewhere down the line and see how it stacks up.

and my RX-78-2 Family grows by one today. :)

And lastly I wanted to touch on the Zudah. since the build itself is complete and I wanted to put my Age 1 to rest for a little bit so I don't burn myself out on it. I started painting one of the legs today so I can make some progress toward Dan's OOBBO!

Here's all of the paints I think I'll be using on the zudah in some way or another. although I took out the dark sea blue, I think it might be a bit dark. and I'm still not totally sure I'll be using the royal blue, but we'll see when the time comes.

the first thing I set out to do is mix my own light blue to use as a base for the armor. for this I used tamiya acrylics. I'd say my ratios are about:
-70% Blue
-25% Medium Grey
-5% Flat White

of course before painting I did some priming as you should always do. and it really helps bring out the details in some of the parts.

these are the tiny thrusters that go on the back of the legs. molded with detail straight out of the box. this kit has not failed to blow me away. 

and after my primer dried for a bit i laid down some of my base colors. Here's how my blue turned out.

it's a little darker than i would have hoped for, but I think i might still be able to work with it. and you'll also see some spots from where my airbrush was fighting me at the end there. nothing a second coat of paint won't fix. ;P hopefully next time I'll be able to post some completed leg, or at least some second coated leg before camo and decals and lines.

sorry for the long winded blog post! went over a lot this time. next time expect a little more structure, and a little less chaos. :)

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