Thursday, February 14, 2013

RGM Custom WIP 4 Some ranting

I wound up with three days off this week instead of my normal two. So I've been cranking work on this GM, trying to get it finished. I put the final touches on the paints on the arms, and they should be dried and ready to assemble in the morning. after which I'll be priming the weapons and the shield, and painting sometime in the evening. Hopefully if all goes according to plan, I'll be able to decal and topcoat, and then post some pictures by friday for you guys to see :) until then, here's a little to tide you over if you've been waiting to see the completed project.

I want to do a little hand brushing (this is actually kind of punny, because most of the stuff i wanna do is on the hands) and once everything is decal-ed and topcoated. I'll be able to take some nice sexy pictures of the kit.

that being said. time for me to rant a little.

about two months ago, I ordered about 70 dollars worth of paint from Plamo UK. (which really isn't that much paint, but that's besides the point) I never got any sort of shipping confirmation emails or anything, and this was after about two or so weeks of waiting for my paints to ship. of course I had already been billed, and the money had been pulled out of my account. So I emailed the owner of PlamoUK, and asked him if there was a problem with my order and if he could tell me what was going on, I guess just to put myself at ease a little. Several days go by, and nothing. So I email him once more, asking for an update on my order wondering why it's taking so long. A few days later, he responds telling me he was out of small bottles for paint, and said he would be recieving them in a day or two, afterward my paint would be put in the bottle and sent to me. I was okay with that. and thanked him for his time.

Another week or so passes, and I still havent received my paints. At this point it's been over a month and some odd days before I had even made the inital order for my paint. I know I didn't order that much, But to me that's a pretty nice chunk of money to be throwing at a product, espescially one that I've recommended to people. Anyway, I let it sit for a little longer and Finally my paints arrive at about the month and a half mark. To my dismay, the entire package smells like laquer paint, so I can tell immediately one of the bottles must have burst. and one of the corners has some paint on it. (this is all besides the fact that the box is absolutely wrecked)

This is exactly what the box looked like when I got it in the mail. So I go ahead and I open the box, Hoping nothing major has happened with my order. Immediately my heart is broken as I open the box.

I was incredibly displeased when I opened the package to see that four out of the five paints I had ordered and been waiting over a month to recieve had been burst. Ironically enough the only one that HADN'T burst was the one color that I already had. I immediately wrapped everything back up, stuffed it back in the box, and took it outside after taking these photos. I sent all of these pictures in an email to Kyle explaining what had happened, and I asked if there was anything he could do for me, partial refund, any sort of way I could get replacements, etc. And I still haven't heard any kind of response. I waited about a week, and sent another Email to him, and Still nothing. So at this point I'm really not holding my breath any longer about hearing from him, I just wanted to vent a little about this horrible shopping experience I had with plamo UK. The worst part is I've heard from several other people (that i've talked to personally and just read about) who've had similar problems ordering from him. I know I'm just a speck compared to who all he sells to, and it probably won't affect him too much, But I don't think I'm going to be ordering any products from there anymore. It's a product I enjoy. but if I have to jump through hoops after handing over my own money for a product, only to get it sent to me like this, and then I'm ultimately ignored when I inquire as to whether or not anything can be done for me. It's just not worth it. I'll continue using Tamiya paints and ordering from other shops, where I know I'll recieve my products.

Sorry for how wordy this was. I just wanted to get my point across. Hopefully if you guys decide to shop over at PlamoUK, you'll have a better experience than i did.

see you next time.


  1. No, man. You have every right to be pissed. I know I would be. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I've made two purchases with Kyle from PlamoUK. The first was a group purchase with Dan. The purchase went average, I recieved my products in a rather untimely fashion (over a month i believe) but they all arrived in great condition. The second purchase I made I told him I'd be out of town due to holidays and hoped he could ship them out after the holiday. He forgot to ship them and after about a month I emailed him in regards to the shipment. I had a lot of trouble getting him to respond to the emails. He eventually replied after about a week saying he would ship them out. So another week went by and I finally got my product but one of paints had leaked in the package and turned out looking like what you had received.

    Where else could we get quality lacquer paints?

  3. We had a similiar experience with Plamo. First they never sent the paint, then I reversed the PayPal transaction on them and they finally sent them. Then the paints arrived in horrible condition, just like your photos, but they refused to do anything about it besides ship them back for an exchange. I just threw up my hands and said forget about it. Lesson learned.

  4. I've only purchased from them once and I to got my stuff in less than perfect shape. I had 3 paint bottles crack open and the lid on the thinner had come loose. It was quite a mess to clean up. I was also shipped 5 of the 6 empty glass bottles I ordered.

    Perhaps its time we boycot PlamoUK?