Monday, February 11, 2013

RGM Custom WIP #3

Alright, because I was off yesterday I got some painting done before I left my house. I waited until I woke up, and got all the pieces off their respective clips, reassembled them, and this is what I wound up with. I'm really happy with how the colors are coming out on this. so far the only major speedbump I've encountered (besides my procrastination) is some of the gunmetal I sprayed on the inner frame started spraying in almost a matte finish. it doesn't look too much different in person, so I'll see how it looks once everything is topcoated and decide if i'm going to worry about fixing it. probably not since the only exposed bit is the foot, and the ankle guard, and a couple bits of the knee. BUT WE SHALL SEE (look I rhymed)

anyway! photos!

I got to try some masking on the front shin/knee armor piece. that's not two seperate pieces. but I think the effect is nice. :)

another thing i'm doing as a first here is removing seam lines. (I've attempted it before, but not on a painted kit) this was really the only part on the kit that needed any love in the seam department, besides a spot on the head, but that covered pretty well after i painted everything. this part however sits a little uneven, so sanding was necessary. you can see the line on the left piece. the one on the right has already been sanded down.

I have no idea why i took this picture. I guess just to show off what the arm looked like? all the greys will be painted in gunmetal (as well as the hand itself), and there's a part inside the forearm that will be painted gunmetal as well, the upper cuff, and that little joint inside will be painted a light grey, and the forearm and shoulder will be black. all accent pieces will be blue, then I can paint up weapons and the shield and call this kit done :)  I'm incredibly happy with how this is coming along. and with the next two days off, I'm hoping to get the main body of this thing finished.

Next up. got a couple packages in the mail today. one of which contained an HG kit I've been looking forward to building since I first saw and decided to order it. I'm pretty sure this is the one I'll be entering in Dan's contest. not 100% yet. but I'm pretty sure.

tell me this guy isn't a badass. If I do end up using this for the contest I think I may do some light camo. either way if he becomes a contest kit, he will be recieving paint. :) stay tuned!

I saw both sets of the sinanju decals online, and decided to pick them up, since i have both kits. now I just need to get started on them ;P maybe I'll build one of them soon. It is time to step my gunpla game up.

anywho, I think this is it for this post. More to come in the near future. Sorry for all the updates and the frequency of my posts! Just been crazy motivated and have actually had time to work on stuff. See you guys next time!

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