Monday, February 11, 2013

Master Grade F91 unboxing WIP 1

 So I had the night off, once again, and decided to get started on the F91. Immediately i noticed the colors the kit was molded in. The whites and the yellows are pretty standard. but the blue on the kit is a very nice glossy navy blue, and the reds look a little different to the eye. the inner frame isn't molded in the standard grey, it's in a dark grey-blue which is very interesting. the molds look very nice and the pieces all look quite different from what I've normally built or seen. on to the pictures!

Plates A and B

C (2x) and D 

E and F (2x)

G and H

I and J

 Beam sabers, effect parts, and stickers.

Leg assembly

 painted some detail!

another shot of the detail.

all in all, so far it's been a fun build. I really like the bits of detail on the legs. I'm really not too sure why I brought it out. as I don't think i'll be removing the armor plating at all after this has been completed. BUT WHO KNOWS. maybe when i shoot some photos.

Will be making another post tomorrow showing off the progress I've made on my GM Custom!

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