Friday, February 8, 2013

Wave H-Hangar review!

I ordered a couple things from HLJ the other day, and upon getting them in the first thing I wanted to do was snap these Hangars together... Okay that's a lie, I wanted to snap that Rx-78-2 together... But that comes later. I've been interested in having something as sort of a  backdrop for some of my photos for a while now, and as you have seen, I've been experimenting a bit. I don't expect to use this nearly as much as the black/grey backdrop in the photobox, simply because I think the details and the craziness going on in the background might take some of the focus from the model. but that's just technical mumbo jumbo. I also wanted to buy something to have my kits hang out in (there's a really corny word pun joke in there somewhere) so before i jumped into the Kotobukiya Chain bases, I went with something a little less restricting.

My haul from HLJ! Two H-Hangars, and an Rx-78-2 [game ver.] (thanks RedYourDead !)

the box is neatly packed up

there's not a ton in the way of plates. lots of duplicates but it's a wall, what do you expect.

the pieces are nicely secured with clips that are easy to plug in, and remove. 

HG kits look really good in a single set, there's enough room for two kits (it's a bit cramped but you can do it) 

MG kits on the other hand are out of the question, you'd need another set to get the wall tall enough for a master grade kit. but it still looks good standing in there. thinking about picking up some of the optional addons for this hangar and testing them out!


- Easy Construction.
- Nice Quality Plastic
- Parts seperate from runners without much work (you really don't need any tools for this, some cleanup may be required for the piping pieces but that's it)
- Great price! (it's about 15 dollars each set on HLJ before shipping, I think it's worth the money if you're looking for something to display your robots)
- Sky is the limit here, if you get a few of these sets, you can build a hangar of any size or height in just a few minutes. with option parts available you can really boost the look of these things from simple hangars, to repair bays and more.

- Single color can be a bit bland looking, may need paint to make it look really good
- wall pieces like to slip and slide around when you're putting those last plates on
-could be pricey if you want to display multiple kits, espescially if they're MG's or better

I really enjoyed building this, this morning, and I'm really glad I picked these up. I really think I might review some of the Kotobukiya Mechanical Chain Base sets. as well as some of the option sets for this. I'll probably be buying one or two more of these to make a bigger base, and I might use it for some of my kit reviews in the future. we'll see how it turns out in photos!

If you guys want to see more stuff like this please leave me a comment or a suggestion! and constructive criticism is always welcomed!

See ya next time!

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