Wednesday, February 6, 2013

GOD GUNDAM! Wip and completed gallery!

Look at me. knocking kits out like crazy. (okay so I only built two kits..) but I'm ridiculously proud of this one. another thing of note, I took some advice from my good buddy Dan (you guys know him. GoodguyDan Gunpla! ) as far as photography is concerned. anyway. another really quick build. snapped together my MG God Gundam over the course of the past two or three days. finished it up last night. and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

that's about all I snapped of the WIP process. now the completed kit!

and that's that! i got some really cool shots out of this kit!

a quick rundown of my time spent with the kit:

the inner frame is really nice. it's very different from other MG's where it needs a bunch of screws and uses some weird lock mechanisms to hold everything in place. but nothing feels too loose or too tight (okay maybe the knees a little) and you can get some interesting and very cool poses out of this guy. another odd thing about this kit is it includes rubber pieces for the hands, and the soles of the feet. you get much better grip out of the feet, and the hands still feel solid, although i feel as though they pop out a little more than their plastic counterparts. There's not a massive amount to panel line on this kit, and as far as the kit's posability with armor on, you're not hindered too much from with it off. the arms and shoulders tend to act a little crazy at times with some poses, and the way the hips are constructed restricts your outward leg movement, but it's nothing dealbreaking. you get a pretty decent amount of extra decals with the kit to use as you see fit. as well as ones included in the instructions. so i took some liberties with those and placed them where i thought they'd look good.

one of my favorite parts of this kit is the total opposite of some of my favorite gundams. I love how this kit comes with next to no accessories. this kit is a standalone badass, and just pulling out one of his blades, or switching his hands to burning mode is enough to prove that. the dynamic poses, bundled with the badassery of this kit makes it a sure buy in my book, if you haven't already checked this kit out. one of the few cons i have with it, is the knee was a bit odd to construct, and i broke a tiny piece of plastic off of the cap that surrounds the knee joint. but it still functions properly without it. i also wish some plastic grippy hands were included as well as the rubber ones, so you had the option for more stable connections at the wrist. other than that this kit is gold. go buy one.

LASTLY I don't know what i want to build next (this will be another straight build) i'm taking a night or two off from gunpla, gonna finish cutting out my rex pieces so i can start my Let's build series for that. but you should help me pick what i should build next. your options are as follows!

the f91 gundam, or the zaku f-2! both of these are going to be straight builds. and until i get my next kit in the mail. these are all i have left to straight build. it'll be back to paint projects.

and don't worry, the RGM kit is still in progress, I just haven't done enough to justify making another post about it yet :)

thanks for reading along and checking me out. see you guys next time!

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