Monday, February 4, 2013

10,000 views, completed Delta Kai photos!

Well, I've been lazy about my blog and my youtube lately. hopefully that changes here soon. I want to thank everybody for checking my blog out, and for getting me to 10,000 views! never thought i'd get that many. so i'm really happy about that. I've been trying to stay motivated and work on a little something whenever I have the time. That said, I got a little free time yesterday, on my day off to finish snapping together my Delta Kai, and I posed him a little (he's so awkward to pose) and snapped some photos, and immediately started my next kit. (you can wait until next post to see what that is ;D)


and here's my photo setup, nothing too fancy.

a quick overview of the kit:

it's a fantastic little HG kit. a very unique and interesting design, lots of plastic comes with this bad boy. (he's packaged in a box a little thicker than your standard MG) but unless you're planning on painting him, the stickers can be a bit infuriating. the transformation (I didn't build the parts for this) is done with a bunch of extra pieces, which make up at least 2 full runners of parts. It's not too posable, as things get in the way of other things, and some of the armor is quite restricting. the shield/cannon thing on his arm can cause some weight problems when posing with him holding it outward, so don't expect his arm to stay outstretched without the help of some glue or other means.

that being said, it was a fun quick little build, and I'm glad I picked this kit up. if you want something quick to snap together, and don't mind some posing issues, and the amount of stickers, i recommend picking this bad boy up. if you're pressed on painting. it would also be a fun project to get you better acquainted with masking.

see you guys next time!

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