Saturday, February 16, 2013

MG Age-1 Normal WIP 1

So yesterday was valentines day, and I'm so single it hurts sometimes. I expected to be working last night, but through some weird scheduling stuff at work, I wound up with the night off. Which under different circumstances would probably be the worst thing. But I wanted to get some building done. so to prep everything for paint, I put the F91 aside for a night, and set out to build this kit. and oddly enough I did...

Hit the jump for more!

so here's some snaps of my Age-1 normal build. including some runners and other stuff.

so there's all the runners. now, some construction!

and again, In all of my excitement. I couldn't wait to get home and get painting.

and even then I wasn't done...

I got some other bits painted up. but here's some stuff to give you an idea of what's been done :)

anyway. that's all until I get more paints in next week.

see you next time!

EDIT: Because I didn't post yesterday, I got a little bit of masking and stuff done. and some details have been added ;D nothing crazy, but enjoy!

Still need to touch this up a little. it's pretty rough in a couple spots ;P anyway. that's all for this time!


  1. Only rough spot I can see is the bled masking. Evertyhing else looks good and the foot masking came out real clean! Good work dude, and keep it up :)