Wednesday, February 20, 2013

F91 Wip 2/complete Zudah unbox.

I set out to finish snapping my f91 together tonight, and accomplished said task. I did a little more detailing on the inner frame and panel lined most everything (still need to do shoulders and weapons) as well as snapping the base together and some lame poses until I decide to take some proper photos. so here's what I've done followed by a little more :D

Not the neatest. my toothpick wouldn't pick up enough paint, or go in the vents well enough for a decent coverage. but this is all covered anyway. i need to invest in some super fine brushes :P

Hit the jump for more pictures of the F91, and my Zudah unboxing!

This suit has one of the coolest looking backpacks i've ever seen. the whole torso design is awesome though.

hit the eyes with a black gundam paint marker, scratched the paint off with my x-acto blade when it dried, and painted the clear blue on, again with a toothpick <_<

need to touch up the vulcans on the side of the head, they got smudged when i was putting the head together/panel lining.

I also got some practice with dry transfers on here. (i didn't use even close to half the ones included with the kit, there were too many small ones) I think most of them came out well, but i still despise them.

This is probably something kind of close to what my final pose will be. I might change the actual angle of the kit so it looks more like it's facing off with the villainous action base. but we'll see.

anyway, that is done! I'll be taking some proper photos of the kit soon, I'm looking at options for photos and lighting. I don't think my little photo box will be able to take on this kit and the stand. but we'll see.

ANYWAY. I also got some packages in the mail today!

the first being my paints for my MG Age-1 Normal :D I ordered a couple more alclad II metallics, as well as a few of their primers. as It sprays flawlessly for me. and I love the finish. and some greys and blues from tamiya, which I'll be using on the zudah, and the age 1 and, well a bunch of other stuff. 

My other package was from my super awesome pen pal/friend in the UK. she sent me a bunch of neat little goodies, and a game, and even a little hand sewn panda. lots of cool stuff. (I think she's trying to make me fat) at least I know I'll be fed while I build ;D

Last up.

with my f91 all wrapped up I am going to divide my time between working on my zudah, and working on my Age-1 Normal. I started a little of the construction on the zudah, and I'm very impressed so far, They packed a pretty nice amount of detail into such a small kit. I really can't wait to bring some of that out ;D

anyway, UNBOXING

I love this box art. such a badass suit..

very strangely shaped a1 and a2 plates.

B and C

D and your poly cap runner

Manual, Decal sheets, and what i assume is a survey or a parts replacement form.
all in all, not a whole lot goes into this kit. but what it lacks in part count it makes up for in tiny details highlighted throughout the kit. 

So far, my favorite part of the build was the head. what you can't see (and I'll be sure to take some photos of next time I take some), is there is actually some 'inner frame' style detail under the helmet here, in the face area. so once I settle on the color I'll be trying to bring some of that out with some of these new metallics. I'm not sure I'll be going with this style head, there are alternates included in the box. One with a similar nose, but it has a more vented look, or a command horn. They all look pretty great in their own respects. I just have to decide which I want to use. :D

and that's where I stopped snapping for today. I think I've done quite a good chunk of work on gunpla for the night. It's about time to go pick up my copy of revengence anyway ;D

See you guys next time!

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