Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Master Grade ez8 Elite Group build Wip: 1

SO i've neglected my blog once again. but here i am with another WIP. this one is kind of a throwback, (not much unlike the build strike i suppose, but actually a throwback)

one of my favorite builds last year was the Ez8, so I thought for the mecha lounge Elite group build, I'd raise my game a little.

so i built the kit up to a spot i was comfortable to begin modifications.

the first order of business was to clean some nasty seams on the legs, and fix the uneven plastic on the thighs.
other sanding bits include some very subtle reshaping on some pieces.

next i cut some plate out to match my shield, then cut a design into it. after some careful measuring of course.

the same has been done for the back skirts, although this is still sort of pending. I havent settled on a design for this yet.

next up, we chopped the skirts in half (well, i cut a section off, but half)

after some careful plating, and sanding and puttying, here's the results. much longer better looking skirt armor, I also puttied the details out, as i plan to add my own. as well as some bandai option hands, because the ones included are pretty bad.

so i'm at a point where i'm almost satisfied with where i'm at on these mods.

so here's the pieces glued on and all put together, not too bad for my first go at this. needs a lot of work. but it's progress.

next i sanded the tops of the feet a little, scribed a few lines on the ankle guard, and the thigh, and assembled the shoulders. as well as minor reshaping on the knees.

last but not least, my biggest endeavor so far with this thing...

I went ahead and put an LED in the head, I haven't completely soldered the circuit up yet, but if all goes according to plan, i have plenty of room for the switch and battery. :) so thanks for at least scrolling through the photos of his ridiculiously long winded wip. next time maybe i'll have something ready for paint by the end :)

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