Monday, April 28, 2014

Master Grade Build Strike/Full Package Completed Gallery

So it's been a while since i've finished a big project. and this has been a big step for me. I loved the original Aile Strike RM, it was probably one of my favorite builds last year, and this was no exception. I started the build just like i usually do. with the frame, and i worked my way up from there.

hit the bump and we'll get started :)


Build Booster:

Build Strike:

Build Strike Full Package:


  1. Bro i just finished watching all of the build fighters series and LOVED IT!! i have a full respect for what you accomplished here with this build! love the clean look. all the details are just the way they are supposed to look! reiji and sei would be proud of this gunpla! nice job hands down! gotta get me one of these kits. any chance you may get the star booster for this as well?

    1. thanks a ton steve :) this guy was an absolute blast. but you know i'm a strike nut as it is so that only motivated me that much more ;) shading it was fun too. still experimenting with that. and i do have the star booster. I'm waiting for the right time to blast that guy out ! stay tuned brother. and thank you!