Sunday, March 2, 2014

MG Build Strike WIP: 1

one of my favorite builds of last year was easily my MG Aile Strike RM (which can be found here and on youtube) I enjoyed it so much, i had entertained the idea of building another actually, But shortly after i was ready to take the dive, this awesome MG was announced. I've been following the build fighters series since it started, and I'm really enjoying it. and the build strike has been no exception, the design grew on me almost immediately. Anyway. enough about that. my goal with this build was to replicate the same kind of build as my aile strike, but take it to the next level. I'm going to do another RG style color separation (i love color separating parts if you haven't been able to tell) as well as shading, and decals.

Hit the bump for more photos and more words!

you can see between  these two kits, there are a ton of similarities between this and the RM (i mean it even says in the show they used a strike as a base, but i don't think you needed them to tell you that)

it's a fantastic build though, just as the RM was. lots of little details here and there. the weapons and accessories are awesome, standard beam sabers, as well as a pistol that can be transformed into a rifle, and a cannon with a few swapping parts, and a shield (which you can mount your weapons to) there's also the backpack, which is the same as the build strike full package (or build booster pack) but mg-i-fied. there's tons of panel lines and details on it.

another thing to note is that the build strike is compatable with any of the seed backpacks by default, and even includes adaptors to attach any other series backpack as well (and an adaptor to use the strike packs on other kits) so you can really make the build strike your own.

another fun thing to note, is that there's a plug in the back of the build booster, that you can plug OTHER backpacks into (unfortunately i only own the aile strike, so this had to do) allowing for ridiculous combinations.

have a few more silly shots, and we'll get to my actual wip.

So, with this build. as i said, i aim to make this as detailed as i can manage. so I will be masking and painting the hell out of everything. as well as a few new things i've never done, and some more surprises. I'm changing my method a little to see if this works better for me, and that tactic is to paint and do the weapons and accessories first. so I started with the guns and the build booster pack.

 my first set of masking was alclad duraluminum over alclad steel, then i masked off again, and did pale gold.

here's some of the completed metallics realy on, they require a tiny bit of masking and cleanup, but you get the idea.

and a few more. the landing gears were a lot of masking and a huge pain, but i think the results were well worth the effort.

next up were the whites, which have been shaded with blues, those are all finished, and the blues are basecoated and ready for shading.

anyway, that's all i've got for this wip, If you prefer you can watch my youtube wip which doesn't quite touch on AS much, but yeah. :) thanks for viewing, and i'll see you with the next wip!

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