Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MG Age-1 Normal RG style, Completed Gallery!

Yesterday morning. I tackled and conquered the remnants of this beast. There isn't much to say besides I'm incredibly happy with this. there were some rough spots here and there. but all is done.

so sit back and enjoy :)

full gallery after the jump!

so far I think this is my best build yet. :)

my photo setup.

I love this shot. the boxart for this kit is so awesome, so i couldn't not replicate it.

and the final pose, and it's spot on my 'shelf'

my favorite mishap.. midway through shooting photos, the skirts made a strange snap, i thought something was just glued shut that i hadn't moved before. ignored it and continued taking photos. then a pose or two later. this fell off. I glued it back in, and now everything is fine. :)

thanks for checking my post out! stay tuned for lots and lots more!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks bro! very happy with the way this turned out :)

  2. Looking good Justin! Came out very nice I'd say. Very clean save for a few masking slip-ups. Good work.