Monday, April 8, 2013

Zudah WIP: 3

I have been slacking like no other on this blog... but a little inactivity is fine every now and again i suppose. I have hammered out a little more work on my Zudah. and hope to have it all finished by next week hopefully. as it stands now the arms are all painted and need decals and lines. as well as a final topcoat. so that'll come today most likely. I've got the next two days off work after tonght so I'll be able to do the head and weapons and call it a day. anyway, enough of me blubbering. here's what i've got.

Hit the jump for some more photos!

This video was shot pre-decal and flat coat but covers everything :)

here's a small snippet of what the arm detail is gonna look like ;D home stretch now guys, look forward for the next WIP, as well as some up and coming stuff, and speaking of that...

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