Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Zudah WIP: 4

It's been a productive and slightly busy week! got a lot done on this guy.

the arms clearly aren't finished. I just put them on to see how they looked. I'm very happy with my masking and the subtle color differences in the camo. I've decided to paint the remaining pieces first, then just panel-wash and decal everything left in one sitting. assuming everything goes according to plan :)

hit the jump for a couple more photos!

that's it for the body, I really like how this guy looks all glossed out, but the flat looks a lot nicer and lets you see more of the details.

next up, we've got some weapon parts, if all goes according to plan here, I'll have some nicely two-toned weapons after this next (and hopefully final) paint session

might be a little tough to see silver on primer. but i painted the muzzle, the details on the barrel, and some of the detail on the handle, as well as the stock in aluminum. the plan is to mask that all off and hopefully paint the gun in magnesium (see below for reference) and it should create a nice contrast. at least that's the plan.

same thing applies to this piece, although the picture proves two things. I need a light for my airbrushing station. and I need to go over this piece again with the aluminum paint.

the ammo drum for the machine gun, done in magnesium

 main body of the sniper done in magnesium as well. going to mask off that curved section and paint it a lighter color.

that's all i've got for the zudah this time around, I do wanna show off one more thing though. I got some of my tax money back and while i was originally going to buy more kits. I decided my backlog hurts enough as is. so i got this instead.

Designed by my super awesome pen-pal :) can't wait to get some color!

anyway that's it for this post. next up should be the zudah gallery if all goes according to plan! see you guys in a few days ;D

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