Friday, March 15, 2013

Age-1 normal WIP 3

I just went back through my previous posts. and it's amazing how much of this i DIDN'T document on my blog... TIME TO GET CRACKING!

last actual post I made about the age-1 I had just finished painting the right leg, and applying the OOB decals. and the last time I mentioned the Age-1, I had finished painting the waist and skirt armors.

so come with me after the bump, and we'll talk about what all i've done here :)

the legs and the skirts were finished around the time I got my decals in from samueldecal. so here's a little gallery of pictures of what I did before/while those were in transit. and we'll touch on everything else after :D

The first thing I did, in my impatience was look around at what I already had. I still had my HG Unicorn decals laying around, well leftovers from those. as well as the slides Dan sent me left over from his rx-78 Ver. Ka. so I got to work. nothing too heavy, just some dots and labels on the feet really. and for being out of scale, I think they look perfect.

I didn't go too crazy with colors here, because I didn't want the mid-section to be too distracting from the rest of the model. so I only used one piece with the darker grey, and the rest were the medium/white mix. other colors are standard. I did however brush some details on the inner frame bits here.

Okay, so I think it was around the completion of all of this, that my decals finally arrived. As soon as I got home that morning, I got cracking.

I didn't go too heavy on the skirts. again, I didn't want to take too much attention away from the rest of the kit. and I really didn't want to go overboard on decals and make some of the parts look cluttered.

I'm beginning to think painting bronze in thruster bells is a staple of mine. I just love how they look.

the chest piece here is only half painted. you'll see the final in just a moment!

Here's all the extra decal work I did on the legs. extra warning labels around the feet and ankle armor, and some stuff on the thighs and in other spots. nothing too fancy. and I think i went with just enough. so far the legs are my favorite part of the entire build.

next as I continued work on the torso, since I knocked the decals out in a morning on what was completed. I had to paint again...

as I impatiently waited for everything to dry. I grabbed some toothpicks and did what I do best: waste time painting things that nobody will ever see.

next I snap fitted the chest and got to work on lines and decals :) again, very pleased with the way everything looks.

and my first time spraying flat coat. (bet you can't tell which one is flat coated ;P)

I really like how it makes the reds look, and it definitely helps mask the decals, and lets you see everything a little better.

so after my paints dried, I got back to work, and lined, decaled, and flat coated everything that wasn't already.

and now we reach about where I'm at now. I disassembled and painted up my right arm. and as routine dictates. I have lined and decalled. as well as flat coat. and here's how my age-1 stands right now :)

this kit has been a real pleasure to work on so far. I love all the little details I've been adding. and I like planning ahead. at first I thought this project might be a little overambitious, even moreso than my Kshatriya as my first airbrushed build. It's been a lot of firsts for me, and it's been a lot of learning and making mistakes. but that's modeling. I can't wait to get the rest of this painted up and posed for the competition. and win or lose I'm very happy with the progress I've made here and as a hobbyist.

There will probably be one more WIP for this guy before the final gallery, so keep your eyes peeled for those. :) that's all i've got this time, and i thank you guys again for checking my blog out! happy 50 posts to me! and happy 15,000 page views! I might have to try to cook up something special for you guys here soon!

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