Monday, March 11, 2013

I got some stuff in the mail!

Not much of a 'progress' post. but supplies lead to progress, amirite? as well as some other things I picked up the other day.

first up.

all of my decals have arrived from samuel decal!

some stuff for kits in my backlog as well as stuff i'm working on now :)

I ordered some new cutters (I've been using the same cutters since i started all those months ago...)
two sets of bits and a new pin vice (not that i'd need this many) and a spudger tool set.

and 3 sets of 10 sheets of sandpaper in varied grits! stepping my game up! NUB REMOVAL, THY NAME IS JUSTINIUS!

now, on to the good stuff ;D

a few weeks back, I recieved an email from our good friend dan, asking if I'd be interested in purchasing some kits, as well as a list of kits available. without much hesitation. I picked a few kits off the list i wanted, and got dan the money per his request. and very shortly thereafter in the mail, i recieved...

this immense box (that i started cutting into immediately)

inside the box was...

Hyaku Shiki MG! with clear armor parts!

and the MG RX-78-2 Ver. Ka (that's right, another one)

and last but most certainly not least...

a few other boxes containing lots and lots of runners to the MG Sazabi, with the limited clear parts as well :)

I think I made out like a bandit here and got some really really cool kits. (like I need more kits) the only downside here is it's all I can do to keep my hands off these things. the Sazabi and Hyaku Shiki!

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  1. Hey, man. This is me, bertogrimlock on Instagram, just visiting and commenting on your blog, LOL.