Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zudah WIP 2

So I've been slacking lately, but I managed to finish (up to decals) my zudah's leg, not too much to write home about. currently gloss coated, and panel washed, with two-tone camo, similar to how it's laid out in the manual. sorry this post is gonna be short and sweet :P

age-1 progress next :)

My favorite part of this kit so far has been the white lining around the edges of parts. I liked it so much I actually optionally white lined a few other sections. the panel line on the knee and the one on the heel for example. I even white lined around the thrusters on the calves.

So that's what i've got so far. I still have to do a little cleanup before I decal and flat-coat. and I'm thinking about painting that raised section that connects to the hip. we'll see what happens.

anyway, that's all for this time. see you guys next time :)

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