Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MG Blue-Frame Second Revise Bro-Build with GGD WIP: 2

If that title isn't a mouthful... Anyway, after seeing Dan, completed his build of his Red-frame, and was ready for paint. I realised it was time to step my game up hardcore. so I quickly got to work, and knocked out the rest of the build...

but that was Just the icing on the cake. In an excited rush, as soon as I got home, I disassembled and began the painting process for the frame bits on the first leg..

after a day and a half or so of painting. a majority of the blue had been laid down, I was beyond pleased with the results.

finally I painted the remainder of the frame pieces, and slapped everything together for the moment of truth...

originally I was going to use a metallic red for the piston in the front, but decided a bold solid red would be better. and I'm very pleased with the way that it looks so far. sorry for all of the camera phone pictures. when I finish this leg, and the other one I'll be sure to take some higher quality photos!

stay tuned for more updates and be sure to follow Dan's progress as well!

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