Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bro-Build with GoodguyDan: Blue Frame WIP: 01

Last week I finished up my Zudah, which meant it was time to finally get started on a long awaited project of mine, a friendly build off with my awesome friend GoodguyDan. Originally I think we were planning to do a blue frame build-off which wound up turning into this, Which should be Just as fun, if not more. I've only had about a day or so to sit down to snap my kit together. and I'm still far from finished in that department, and there are a few minor mods i'm going to be making to the kit (no custom plating or plastic removal or anything like that. mostly stuff to make joints not rub)

Like most of my builds before it. I'm going to try to push my abilities with this one again. This kit will be my first actual venture into the world of 'extra finishes' and I'm also going to be trying my hand at some preshading on the outer armor parts of the kit. as well as highlighting a few details in the kit.

Hit the jump for some photos of my progress

The first few hours of sitting was fairly productive ;P

my first mod, was to sharpen the heel and toe blades on the feet. I think they look a lot meaner this way and will add some subtle improvements to the final product.

and at the beginning of night two, the frame stands completed. now to cut out the armor and the rest of the pieces and get them all test fitted before moving on to see where I'm going to have to do any seam removal (if any) and what will need to be sanded down so it doesn't interfere with other parts after paint.

speaking of paint I went ahead and laid down some test spoons with lots of trial and error, and very mixed results. here's what I came out with.

It may not be immediately apparent, but the three white spoons have been preshaded with different base colors. the one on the left has a blue preshade, the one in the middle is dark sea grey, and the one on the right is black. the bottom orange spoon has been preshaded with a 'firey orange' and the spoon on the right is a re-done metallic blue spoon, and based on the results will likely be my frame color, unless i happen to find a method of creating this blue that I like better before I begin (doubtful)

But I didn't think that testing on spoons was quite enough for my whites. I figured the orange would be a sort of subtle shade anyway, it's almost not noticeable; I think anyway. So I dug around and found an old 1/100 Deathscythe Hell Custom I had laying around from my childhood and pulled a few pieces from it to practice some ACTUAL preshading.

I only did my preshading test on these parts using the blue, and the black. because I figured it wouldn't be too hard after seeing the black to see what the grey would look like. In the end, I really like the way the black looks, it's very bold as far as the visibility of the shade, and is pretty easy to work with. but I feel that it would take too much away from the rest of the build in a negative way. so I'm going to probably be preshading my armors with the blue. not to mention the blue paint allows for a much brighter finish, which should look nice on the completed kit.

that's all i've got for this first work in progress. time to get some armor on this guy and see what else needs to be done before sitting down to paint :)

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