Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Exia Test Type and Completed Contest Gallery!

SO I've neglected my blog for a while now... Lots has gone on. SO NOT TOO MUCH TEXT. lets go ahead and  show off what i've done.

first up, my mostly WIP-less Exia: Test type gallery!

hit the bump for more photos, as well as my contest entries and winners


I think out of every kit I've taken photos of since I got my photo setup, this one came out the worst. I couldn't get any stable shots, and the kit doesn't like to hold it's weapons (or stand, really) and I had a ton of little problems with this build. despite all the frustration, I think it came out well overall.


a few months back, I announced that I would be running a contest, and I have concluded that, Not much participation from anybody outside of youtube, but for my first contest, I'm glad it was small. despite not many people entering, though, it was incredibly difficult to judge. SO lets show the entries :)

Zubaun: Mr. Brightside

Sinjoui: Crawling

GundamUK: Boards of Canada

Roccondil: Freedom...and Justice for All

Effael: Black Sabbath

Event Horizon: Back in black

And those are my entries into my contest. I'm sure a few of you have already seen these, as well as the winners. but I wanted a static place to show these photos off, so here they are.

the contest was a huge success, and I plan on running a similar contest to this sometime later, maybe next year. so thank you to everyone who participated, and thank you everyone who's read (or skimmed along) to this point. sorry for my absence, i've got lots of stuff coming down the pipeline, Just haven't thought to update the blog.

see you guys soon!

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