Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I guess even though I technically showed part of this off last week, it was only the head. so this week will be MOSTLY dedicated to the GM Custom. Starting things off simple with a build. May do a quick video review of it afterward, with a quick photo shoot as well I think. then it's dis-assembly time. I'll be removing a few seams on some of the armor parts, and some of the internal frame bits prior to painting. my color scheme will be entirely custom. (although I'm not 100% how I'm going to be tackling this yet; as it is my first custom) This post isn't going to be super content heavy, although I'm hoping I can complete the build of this tonight before I head home. So that will be a goal, and perhaps I'll be able to do another small blog post with a Youtube video tomorrow. We'll see. anyway, on to some content.

Right arm completed, aftermarket hand in place!

Tonight's setup was slightly different than usual. I got my best friend Aaron motivated to start his MG Titus (hopefully I'll get some documentation of that here soon) Gunpla building and TV accompanied by my favorite child thing.

and this is where I'm sitting now. I skipped construction of the other arm so I had something to stick the first arm too. So far the build is pretty straight forward, although the old style instructions leave a lot to be desired in the ways of clarity. But a nicely engineered kit so far!

Anywho, I also recieved a few packages in the mail! only one thing directly gunpla related. So I'll talk about that first. Then some other stuff..

I guess early last week, I messaged Dan about some stuff, and he mentioned he was going to be messaging me, he had something lying around that he was going to send to me! So we exchanged information, and I recieved it this morning and was beyond pleased with what he had sent me!

super awesome hobby japan magazine. with some articles on customing up a MG Guntank! (as well as some stuff on the guncannon, the rx-78-2, the efreet and tons of other stuff)

a little note from dan!

and a complete set of water slides for the wing gundam! and some leftovers for the rx-78-2, which I will be sure to incorporate into my MG build for the OYW ver. plenty of warning labels left over and a few EFSF markings.

so thank you very much dan! you didn't have to send me all this super cool stuff, I sent your package out this morning (i got out of work late enough to actually get to the post office, haha)

a little something from my pen pal, and a little something I bought myself!

 :D my pen pal got me God Hand on the ps2, which I got rid of for some reason or another back when I was younger. but once again we have been reunited! Thank you Teal!!

And one of my Favorite metal bands did a Limited pressing of their latest album in Glow-in-the Dark Vinyl, so I had to pick it up. Now I'll just have to buy a regular one that I can actually listen to...

Anyway, That's it for the post, gonna try to wrap this RGM up, and Hopefully finish it up tonight. at the very least, I've still got tomorrow off. so I'll see you guys next time!

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  1. could you please upload or take a picture of the chest assembly? i didn't receive a guide with my box, thanks.