Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Red Frame day 1 Progress, GP-01 begin!

Alright. since my Red frame project is more or less going to be a straight build (for the most part) I figure I'll get started on my GP-01. Which I'm very excited for. It's going to be my first hand painting project. This will probably end up being one of my longest projects, up until the sinanju anyway. and I'll probably be making another blog post tonight or sometime tomorrow to detail what progress I've made on the GP-01.

Since this is the non-grade I wanted to do as much panel-lining and try to bring out as much detail as I could. 

Our first session went over the torso, the back thruster...thing? and the head. Panel lines here were pretty simple, and i did some custom paint on some raised areas on the head. as well as painting on the chest details and some custom stuff on the back. i also painted the lower stomach red instead of using the sticker. The only thing I used here is a red and a white gundam paint marker. which when done in 2-3 layers carefully can provide a pretty nice effect, and I used my normal toothpick method for a couple of small details.

I've still got some touching up to do on the head and a couple spots on the torso but i think what i've got so far is coming along nicely. So until the girlfriend wants to do another build session this is on hold. SO NOW I PRESENT...

My first hand-paint project. and hopefully it won't be my last, should the outcome be as grand as I'd like. or even half, that'd be cool too. Well, I'm off to paint spoons and prime the runners. see you next time!

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