Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And for my next project!

Now that the blue frame has been completed. I GUESS that means it's time to start something new. I took yesterday off from building but I suppose today I'm back at it. I was going to put my Blue frame in a action-y dynamic awesome super-cool pose, but it appears that the chest at the foot of my bed is a bad place for putting anything, since my bed gets made and things like that. which I hadn't anticipated. so I reluctantly put him on the TV stand with the rest of them until i can come up with something better.

Not the most exciting pose in the universe. but he looks pretty intimidating standing next to my titus, or at least I think so. So my next task, was to decide what I wanted to tackle next. (this also gave me a chance to show off some of my backlog, for those wondering.

These are in the rough order I want to build them. I think I'll be building the Red Frame alongside the GP-01, and when both of those are completed I want to move to crossbone, then kshatriya. there will probably be another project after kshatriya, just a matter of ordering it. then when I'm feeling more comfortable. Sinanju. which I'm still quite nervous about building. It's not so much the build I'm afraid of. It's the amount of detail I want to achieve with the kit. so I plan on taking my time with it.
Anyway! On to the new project....

The next thing i'm starting on is going to be the non-grade 1/100 Red Frame. I went with the non-grade for several reasons. one of the largest ones being the price point difference between this and the one that included the tactical arms. another reason is I figure I'll end up building the perfect grade at some point or another. so I'll spend a little heavier and go a little harder on that one. and the final reason is I bought two of them. the girlfriend wanted to build something together, and she's already got an SD red frame under her belt, so what better to tackle than the full-sized one. I also think this will be a nice little break from the complexity of the regular MG kits and the RG line that I've been working on. 

as far as parts are concerned. 5 bags, adding up to a total of 10 runners (including the blade for the katana and the pilot figure) should be a breeze to build. the real fun is going to be deciding what kinds of details I want to add in.


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