Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gundam Astray: Blue Frame Build complete!

Well, I have done it. I sat down and worked diligently on my Blue frame a really good chunk of today, and I finished the main build of it. The tactical arms II is really cool. I like it a lot. as well as it's design. the only issue is it adds a TON of weight to it, thus making it difficult to pose. Initially I also had a lot of trouble getting him to stand, then I realised his legs Popped into place. so once I fixed that it helped the problem a tiny bit. He also came with a small blue stand (which i have yet to assemble) but I'm not sure if it comes with a connector piece for the gundam itself. but I do know it fits the tactical arms. so once i get that together and inspect all of the left-over pieces. I guess I'll figure out how I want to pose him. Overall this has been one of my favorite kits to build; a few minor hiccups aside. The colors are great and the overall design of the suit is just beautiful. The tactical arms is a really cool weapon, and can transform and really show off how dynamic this suit really is I think. there's a lot of really neat hidden stuff on the suit too. there are hidden daggers on the front and back of each foot, Armor schneiders on each leg (which i also opted to paint) and of course the tactical arms, which with the exception of the gatling gun transformation, makes it plainly obvious that this suit was geared for close-range combat. I suppose I'm going to have to build a red frame now too and place them toe-to-toe. ;D


I think this last shot shows off some of the extra face detail i added really well. I painted a lot of the vents either silver if they were on blue, or orange if they were on white. I've still got a ton of decals to apply to this bad boy, and a bit of detailing/touch-up here and there. but for the most part this kit is done. But I think I've done enough for today. Just knowing he's standing is a good accomplishment for me. Can't wait to get him home and posed up on my shelf. :D

What do you guys think I should tackle next? I'm leaning toward GP-01 (which I really want to hand-paint) or the crossbone gundam.

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