Thursday, August 30, 2012

I got a new package today :D Blue frame update!

I recieved a new box in the mail today to my surprise. I wasn't expecting this until next week!

 I can not wait to knock some of my backlog out and start on these two kits. They were two large moving forces involved in me getting back into the hobby. and I really plan on taking my time to complete them. I might even do work in progress/unboxing videos of them as well as the normal text/picture posts I've been doing. and despite the work I plan on putting into Kshatriya, I think the Crossbone Gundam is going to be a massive challenge. Another thing that kind of blew me away about the Kshatriya was the size of the box. The larger MG boxes kinda took me by surprise. but they are MG kits after all. but an HG kit with a box the same size is astounding.

Now! onto the little progress I did last night to the Blue frame [second revise]

I'm incredibly pleased with this overall. i might touch up the little blade some more. (obviously the left side of it needs it, but I mean as a whole) and at the same time, I might just go back and take all the paint off and just do the raised parts in silver.

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