Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Huzzah, finally got a day off! UPDATE TIME!

Phew it feels good to have a little time to myself. and what a better way to spend it than building Gunpla! Unfortunately I have had no motivation at all to work on the GP-01, so that has me opening yet another one of my kits. fortunately I'm not hand-painting this kit at all, I mean, I'll be painting some of the inner frame details and things of that nature. but as far as a complete paint job, I wanted to take a break. So today I busted open my MG Crossbone Gundam (Full-Cloth ver.) and got to work.

But before I go off on that tangent, I do wanna post some other non-crossbone related stuff first. Including progress pictures of the GP-01 and a shot of something I purchased this week. :D

I have since done some touching-up on the head especially, and I put a couple extra coats on the  shoulder pieces. But I have left that all at home so I'll have to take pictures of it another time. But for now there's my progress on the GP-01. completely hand-painted chaos mayhem nonsense. I can already say after the little progress I've made on this, I'm not so sure I want to hand-paint another kit. But I won't make any final judgements until the whole thing is done and I can properly look at what I've done. so time will tell...

Anywho, My birthday approaches. and with that I decided to treat myself to one of my favorite Gundam-wing mobile suits, as well as something else I've been looking at for a while now (which is still on it's way in the mail)

NOW, back to the meat of this update..
Fairly quickly I knocked out construction for the entire upper half of the main-body. I know nothing of the origins of this suit, or the series it came from. I just fell in love with the design, and after watching a couple of reviews, this suit also has some of the best gimmicks I've seen in my returned gunpla career so far. Virtually every piece of this monster is a weapon, and I love that about it, and I'm going to have a hard time trying to pick a pose when I'm finished building it for that reason. But I'm sure I'll figure something out. another thing I wanted to do more with this kit to make it stand out some is do a little Weathering to it (I blame GundamBeginner) and so far I'm pretty happy with the outcome. ON TO THE PICTURES!

Anyway. I'll probably knock some more of this out tonight, and maybe I'll be able to post some more of this beauty tomorrow, and if that doesn't work out... I'll see you guys sunday ;P


  1. Weathering looks nice, don't you think? =D
    Great results on the crossbone.

    1. Yes! I honestly never thought I'd use the rust. but once I started putting it on here the happier i was with the results. need to even it out a tiny bit.

  2. The aging came out really well. Was the rust coloring a part of the kit or is that an extra that you put on?

    1. It's all my own doing. first I lined the kit as Normally, then I used my Gundam Real-Touch markers to add browns and yellows to various spots then kind of smudged it to blend it out some, then I used a Tamiya weathering master kit to brush on a rust color :D