Saturday, January 25, 2014

Master Grade Efreet Nacht Completed Gallery

So late last year, i entered my good friend Simon (otherwise known as gundamUK) 's level up contest. with the intent of trying something new, in the theme of the contest. for this, I jokingly slapped a few parts of kits together then wound up going with resin instead. so for my first resin build, painted and ocmpleted. i struggled and have finally finished the MG Efreet nacht.

it's riddled with issues and little mistakes. but that's half of the learning process. I look forward to my next resin project. hopefully it turns out better and better from here :)


  1. looks really good for your first resin kit, I had some issues with my first resin kit, with fitting problems and not cleaning it enough before painting, I had to repaint it 3 times, after cleaning all the paint off the second time I left it in some cleaner/degreaser for a week and the paint finally stuck. I have been wanting a efreet for a long time and have been waiting for Bandai to make one, but I might have to get a resin kit. where did you get this one from? this is the version of the efreet that I want, I am the same chris vinson from youtube so if you remember where you got it you can tell me on there if you want

  2. banger!
    recently saw this guy in the manga he kicks ass big time!