Thursday, October 4, 2012

Unicorn gundam update 3! it's finally done!

Well. while this wasn't the hardest kit I've built I think I've learned the lesson of patience with it. I messed up quite a few spots and tried to rush some others and while it's not the best looking unicorn gundam out there, I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I also need to start topcoating between doing different things. for this kit I cut parts from the runners, sanded and removed nubs, and then primed, painted, and weathered on top, followed by decals. things may have gone a little smoother if i topcoated after paint, and if i had decaled the kit before i weathered, then topcoated again. but i'm still in the learning process of this. another huge headache was with the actual head display base. all those little vents that the base sits on, i wanted black. and instead of knocking that out and properly masking, and painting it's own color before moving on to the rest of the kit, I just kinda winged it. and came back to it later. and to punish me for my negligence, all my decals came off with the masking tape. AND a lot of the paint bled through, so I had to do a lot of touching up afterward anyway. so through creating lots of work for myself, I have recieved the gift of patience...
now since nobody probably reads any of this anyway, PICTURES!

the funniest part about this picture is that i had the legs angled forward and didn't really realise it. i was just so excited to have him standing.

another thing i normally don't/wouldn't have done was I painted the gun with a satin nickel spraypaint, as opposed to a darker color, and it came out really nice I think.

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