Monday, October 1, 2012

Unicorn Gundam Destroy mode part 2!

So I hammered a bunch out on the unicorn gundam since my last post. much has been painted; much has been decal-ed. I've still got a lot of work ahead of me. the biggest things are touching up areas where my panel lines look bad/sloppy,  and decals in general. I ordered decal sheets from samueldecal, who I highly recommend, the whole process was pretty easy (you basically just e-mail him asking what you want, and if he's got it in stock he'll tally up a total and send it your way) the decals for the unicorn gundam are reaaaaally nice and pre-cut so i don't have to do any sort of extra work, just cut out my decal and get to puttin' it on. anyway. progress shots!

oh yeah. I also decided kinda late-game to do some weathering. so far it's come out nicely, we'll see how the rest of the parts do!

still need to touch the bottom of the base up. UGHHHH

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